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The Nuvolari

A light weight aluminum bodied, two seat, mid-engine, independently suspended,
finely handcrafted motorcar in the vintage tradition.
Powered by the classic
Alfa Romeo 2.0 litre twin cam engine.

Little Italy in Montreal for the Italian car day 2017. Alfie drew quite a crowd.

Dodging cones at Sanair.

Out on the Ontario back roads.

An Overview:
The design for the car started as a space frame concept.
Torsional frame stiffness is a feature I consider essential as it not only improves handling
but also road manners and makes for a more solid feeling car.
To solve
the problem of triangulating the frame top bays, this design uses a very wide top triangle
into which the driver and passenger as well as the engine are located.
A torsion test proved it to be a substantially stiff frame design.
The shape of the frame with the wide centre section defines the body shape.

The look of the car is really a mechanical fantasy that reflects my love of vintage GP cars,
open cockpit aircraft, land speed record cars, and some really cool minimalist hotrods.
The mid-engine 1930's Auto Union GP cars were certainly a major inspiration.

The suspension design uses tubular wishbones which are light and easy to make.
One can design in whatever characteristics you want from roll centre placement and behaviour
to camber curves, caster, and elimination of bumpsteer etc.
The inboard spring/dampers units allow for better control over wheel rates and a clean layout.

We hit the road July 20 2016, a very exciting moment for sure.

The Nuvolari Specifications:
 hand formed aluminum
 tubular aluminum space frame
suspension front / rear 
 fully independent with unequal length wishbones
 pushrod actuated inboard spring/damper units

 front mounted aluminum radiator
 rack and pinion
track front / rear 
 59" / 59.5"
overall width 
overall height 
 46" (to top of roll over bars)
overall length 
ride height front / rear 
 6" / 7.5"
tyre size front/rear
 6.00R16 28"OD /  7.00R16 29"OD
curb weight 
 1450 lbs
fuel capacity 
 40 litres (in bladder type fuel cell)
 2.0 litre Alfa Romeo aluminum Twin Cam
oil capacity (dry sump design) 
 8 litres
coolant capacity 
 10 litres
 VW Type 1 built to AMW spec by Rancho Performance
top speed 
 pardon officer?

The Nuvolari is designed and built by:  
Percy Adler of Adler Metal Works
 Prince Edward County
 Ontario, Canada

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